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Profile picture of Dhananjay Kejriwal
JEE Advanced
Dhananjay Kejriwal
IIT Bombay

Prepseed as an examination Portal helped me and my classmates a lot during our practice tests, any queries or doubts can be raised in it and we used it a lot, and also if any corrections happen to be there,they used to be corrected pretty fast, also there is a leaderboard which constantly keeps me update on my ranking status .I want to specially mention the constant support of Ankit Bhaiya.

Profile picture of CSS Sir
HOD, Physics Reliable

Prepseed is a very good platform created by my students who themselves cracked JEE with flying colors and used every minute details of studying with AI in the portal. The personalized analysis, Revision simulations and Road Maps are the few features I liked the most, and are very helpful for the students. The test conduction is smooth and their service is really fast. The portal is very customisable and a good fir to coaching.Happy recommending it to others

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Arun Dubey
Director, MkWay

This portal has all the features which can help students in overall improvement. Features like revision questions, test analysis, topic wise analysis, availabilty of different question types and full syllabus test have helped the students in clearing JEE exams. The quick response from team and their support has been best so far.

Profile picture of Saurabh Singhania
Saurabh Singhania
HOD Brothers Academy

  • The platform is very handy as playlists of all the chapters are different all the lectures of that chapter within the playlist. Each chapter playlist can have its thumbnail that makes it attractive and convenient.
  • The conduction of Tests are very smooth within the time constraints and analysis of tests for each student can be done properly and the same can be conveyed to students as well.The availability of different question formats help students to prepare for exams properly.
  • The best part of this platform is that the Video Links can't be copied that preserves the privacy of a teacher's content and prevents piracy.
  • There are separate section for video lectures, study material and test papers which make the platform convenient and easy to use for students and convenient for teachers to monitor.

Profile picture of Margav Savsani
JEE Advanced
Margav Savsani
IIT Bombay

Prepseed helped me a lot in my preparation during the lockdown. The test platform has a lot of excellent features like, it shows the time taken by you and average time taken by all students, which helped me to compare my speed with other students.

Profile picture of Harshit Mawandia
JEE Advanced
Harshit Mawandia
IIT Delhi

During the times of lockdown, Prepseed helped me stay on track with JEE with regular Live tests of both Mains and Advance Pattern, with a great and friendly interface. There were Chapter wise tests too great for clearing concepts and a dynamic leaderboard which helped me stay competitive

Profile picture of Darshan Rakhewar
JEE Advanced
Darshan Rakhewar
IIT Delhi

Exhaustive Topic-wise, part and full syllabus test , competitive environment with other students by student rating and chatbox with solution of each question to discuss it with fellow batchmates and faculties were great services provided in Reliable Kota Preapseed that helped me a lot during my preparation. It was a great experience preparing on Prepseed.

Profile picture of Ananya Agrawal
JEE Advanced
Ananya Agrawal
IIT Kanpur

Prepseed, during my preparation time in lockdown, has been very helpful in keeping me on track and stick to my revision schedule, thanks to the topic wise test papers and chapter wise and time management analysis provided by its software. I would highly recommend JEE aspirants prepseed as a testing platform for splendid results.

Profile picture of Priyanka
JEE Mains
IIT Madras

In my experience I can surely say that Prepseed is a wonderful platform for JEE aspiring students. It's user friendly and it helped me in pinpointing my weak topics. The friendly competitiveness during the tests led me to try harder at every step.